Gundel Heritage- Gundel restaurant, a gastronomy and catering hertitage of Károly Gundel

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 The history of the Gundel dynasty was identical with the history of Hungarian gastronomy and Hungarian catering. Károly Gundel was a master in combining Hungarian gastronomy and the impacts gathered from the world. He had a genuine sense to apply the modern technology in the Hungarian gastronomy at the turn of the century. As a result of his pioneer work, Hungary was added to the gastronomic map of the world. Károly Gundel made gastronomic history with his dishes, just as our great composers Kodály and Bartók collected the Hungarian folk music within the borders of the historic Hungary. Gundel applied the same method to collect special Hungarian dishes. In his restaurant, he served various dishes from Kolozsvár cabbage to Pozsony kifli, through cabbage strapatska from Upper Hungary to Somló sponge cake. The restaurants of Károly Gundel were visited by reputable Hungarian politicians, artists, writers and sportsmen. The restaurant’s chefs and Károly Gundel himself took pleasure in creating special dishes to famous guests, and naming them after the guests. That was how jellied egg Munkácsy style or Árpád Feszty beefsteak were created. More than 100 years from its foundation, Gundel restaurant still awaits its guests at the same place and under the same name, offering outstanding quality services in true style following the philosophy of Károly Gundel. The restaurant presents one of the most important cultural assets of Hungary in national and international aspects and allows the guests to taste the past and present of Hungarian gastronomy.

Photos: Pintér Árpád

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