Hévíz Lake and traditional Hévíz medicine

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Héviz Lake is one of the natural wonders of Hungary. With its 4.5-hectare surface, it is the largest hot water lake in Europe with medicinal effect. The springs produce 35 million litres of water each day, and therefore the total water stock is replaced every three days. This lake is a special phenomenon becausewhile other hot water lakes generally situated in places of volcanic origin, in clay or rocky soil, Héviz Lake is a spring lake with the peat bed. Due to the surrounding effects, the water of the lake flows constantly, with a beneficial effect on the human body and a slight massage given to the bather. The spring of the lake is rich in minerals and stems from a 38-metre deep cave where thousands of years old hot and cold carstic waters are mixed. Due to the composition of temperature and quality  of the carstic springs, the lake’s water has been used for medicinal purposes for a long time. The first bathing house was built on rafts in 1772 by György Festetics, the founder of Georgikon of Keszthely.

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