The Hungarian bow of 9th-11th century

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The complex Hungarian horn bow from the 9th-11th centuries, belongs to the group of the complex reflex bows of the people who used to live on the Euro-Asian steppes. It isgenerally known as a rigid horny reflex bow, can clearly be distinguished from the rest of the bows. The 9th- 11th century Hungarian bow is a symbol. It is inseparable from the lifestyle of our ancestors who settled down in the Carpathian Basin. Everyone who studies the history of Europe and the age of the migration of people both in Hungary and abroad knows it very well. There was a time when Hungarians used this weapon better and more efficiently than anyone else in hunting and in battles. It may be declared with a great deal of certainty that our nation owes a great deal to the 9th-11th century Hungarian bow which helped us to survive. This bow, due to its form and structure, known and described everywhere in the world as Hungarian has earned outstanding appreciation in international tradition preservation and among the bow makers of the world.

Tags: magyar íj, 9-11 század, hungarikum

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