Ilcsi beauty herbs and natural cosmetic products

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Aunt Ilcsi (Mrs. Dániel Molnár) started her professional career in the 1950s. The fantastic career began with merging the shortage of raw cosmetic materials and Aunt Ilcsi’s high demand for professional quality. Aunt Ilcsi overcame the first few initial years with the help of her love for nature and her skills in four foreign languages, as well as regular reading of foreign journal in this area. All Ilcsi products are manufactured according to the strictest natural cosmetic requirements from only the best quality bio materials, i.e. fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables. More than 100 plants are used for the products, most of them is grown on their own bio plantations. Currently, Aunt Ilcsi and the Ilcsi Beauty Herbs are known in more than 40 countries of the world.The Ilcsi professional natural cosmetic products with extremely high plant content and high active substance concentration, as well as Hungarian specificities, are truly special products everywhere.

Tags: natúrkozmetika, szépítőfüvek, ilcsi, hungarikum

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