Baja fish soup

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Baja fish soup is more than just a dish. It is part of our cultural heritage and is closely related to the traditions of the people living next to the rivers Danube. As Bertalan Pusztai wrote in his bilingual collection of studies dedicated to the Baja fish soup cooking festival: “As a true brand, it is much more a specific representation of a value and perception complex. A good brand guarantees outstanding quality without any test. It gives quality that we are accustomed to it. And what is more, it offers values that we can identify ourselves with and integrated into ourselves. The fish soup can be made in community; it is Hungarian, because it contains paprika, it is natural because it needs fresh fish; it is also healthy. Fish soup these days is consumed not only by fishermen and those working on water, but also by almost all residents of the town of Baja ever since it was added to civilian cuisine in the second half of the 19th century. The Baja fish soup is a tradition and cultural heritage that was passed on through generations and is capable of adjusting to the changed lifestyle of our days. Baja fish soup is an intellectual asset that contributes to the national cohesion and strengthening of new generations. The preservation of the cultural heritage of Baja fish soup can also be an example to other settlements in how to preserve local culture and local identity in our current multicultural world.

Tags: baja, halászlé, hungarikum

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