Collection of Hungarikums – Categories

Agriculture and Food Industry:

Intellectual achievements and material assets of the agriculture – including the field of forestry, fishing, hunting and animal health – with a special attention to agricultural products, food, winery, as well as animal and plant species.

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Built environment:

An environmentally conscious (artificial) part of the environment created as a result of conscious construction work, which primarily serves to create conditions for individual and community existence; and intellectual products related to the maintenance of the surrounding environment.

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Cultural heritage:

Intellectual and tangible property of cultural heritage, in particular literature, science, folk art and folk crafts, ethnography, cinema, applied arts, fine arts, dance and music; and the values of the protected property, especially monuments and archaeological sites of outstanding value within national wealth, national and historical sites, world heritage sites

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Health and Lifestyle:

Intellectual achievements and material assets of the scientific and traditional ways of disease prevention and treatment, medicines, herbs, medicinal products, bath and spa culture.

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Industrial and technical solutions:

Intellectual goods and tangible goods of industrial production, including handicrafts, handicrafts, in particular the production of technology, techniques, equipment, machinery and instrumentation, transportation of persons and goods by technical means.

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Natural Environment:

The material goods of natural environment, with a special attention to physical and biological formations, geological and geomorphological formations, natural landscapes, symbioses and ecological systems, and intellectual achievements in connection with maintaining the environment that surrounds people.

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Sports and activities that maintainand develop the physical and mental condition done as leisure or competitively, in casual or organized form, with special attention to oeuvres and top performances of sportsmen.

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Tourism and Hospitality:

For intellectuals and materiel, Werte des Tourismus und des Gastgewerbes, Insbesondere die touristische Attraktionen, Dienstleistungen, Produkte, Lebensmittel- und Getränkeproduktionsmethoden in der Gastronomie.

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