Chimney cake

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Chimney cake is a very popular sweet pastry especially among the Hungarians and Szekely people in Transylvania. It is Hungarian and Transylvanian at the same time. The chimney cake has been named after its longish, cylindrical shape that reminds us to the chimney’s smoke vent. One of the first recipes of chimney cake can be found in a Transylvian recipe book that was written by countess Mária Mikes of Zabola in 1784. By the end of the 18th century, the cake gained currency all around the Hungarian speaking area and became a significant food both among the nobles and the plebs. In the 19th-20th centuries, the recipe of the chimney cake got into numerous popular Hungarian recipe books and since the beginning of the 20th century the cake has been covered by sugar and flavoured by walnut. Regarding the cake, there are many names and nicknames all around the country.

Tags: kürtős, kalács, hungarikum

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