Classical Hungarian sabre fencing

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The Classical Hungarian sabre fencing is one of our traditional national values. The sabre was one of the most significant ancient weapons of the conquering Hungarians in the 9th century. During the Middle Ages the sabre served as a weapon for defense of the homeland, but later the technique of its using contributed to modern sport successes.

Several famous fencing masters worked in Budapest, including the legendary László Borsody, who had been teaching officers at the Royal Hungarian Ludovica Defense Academy in the early 20th century. Borsody developed his own combat system and teaching methodology for sabre fencing which was soon called the contemporary Hungarian style. Training sessions based on his system produced excellent results.

On all the Olympics from 1908 to 1964 the Hungarians were the winners of every individual event and except two occasions they won the team gold medals as well. The most successful Hungarian Olympians emerged from this branch of fencing, Aladár Gerevich seven, Pál Kovács and Rudolf Kárpáti six-times Olympic gold medalists. Behind these staggering unbelievable numbers, we find true gentlemen, modern-day knights for whom honor, comradery, and patriotism are unquestionable virtues. They use their weapons not to defeat others, but to show their mental and physical abilities.

Photo: Sándor Orbán


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