Food products from fattened goose

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The goose, due to its versatility, has always enjoyed a distinguished role in Hungarian poultry farming. In addition to their cultural and gastronomic significance –which has historic and symbolic aspects – Hungarian food products from fattened geese are also important for the national economy. According to the historical record and ethnographic research, the country’s traditions in this area of agriculture and gastronomy stretch back several centuries. Products from free-range geese fattened on corn-based feed are gastronomic treasures, which can only be produced with labour, care, expertise and conscientious animal husbandry. These products are appreciated both in Hungary and internationally, with dishes prepared from the liver and meat of fattened geese considered across the world as true specialities. The majority of these products are made in Hungary. Products from fattened geese enhance Hungary’s reputation around the world, contribute to the preservation of Hungarian gastronomic traditions, and at the same time promote national culture.

Tags: hízott liba, hungarikum

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