The Hungarian grey cattle

Short description:

With its impressive appearance, boisterous character and high degree tolerance, the Hungarian grew cattle is our best known indigenous domesticated animal. It is likely that they arrived in the Carpathian Basin with the settling down Hungarian tribes but their presence in the area of Hungary has been proved since the Middle Ages. The grey cattle was a “true global brand”: driven on feet, these animals were one of the most profitable export articles in the 15th-18th centuries as their meat, processed in West European slaughterhouses, was sold at a premium price. At present, the Hungarian grey cattle are bred by combining the extensive herds that represent ethnographic and cultural heritage and hundreds of years of traditions with the requirements of the Modern Ages. Research results have proved the outstanding nutrition value of the Hungarian grey cattle meat and its flavour and quality that are different from any other beef.

Tags: magyar, szürkemarha, hungarikum

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