Sausage or double sausage from Debrecen

Short description:

The Debrecen sausage pair is a smoked product made of beef and pork, as well as bacon with secret herbs and stuffed into casings according to the traditions of centuries. Based on the expertise accumulated by the slaughterers and butchers of Debrecen for centuries, the Debrecen sausage pair was made in several versions, with similar herbs, but from different meats in different ratios. Since the second half of the 19th century good quality paprika has also become an indispensable part of the recipe. At present, the following four versions are considered as authentic Debrecen sausage pair: the traditional version, made in 100 percent from beef, Debreceni made from beef or lamb with a kosher process, a standard version made from 30 percent beef and 70 percent pork or mangalica and a version made in 100 percent from pork or mangalica.

Tags: debrecen, kolbász, páros, hungarikum

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