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The aim of the Hungaricum movement is to collect Hungarian character traits, through which we can show our country, the diverse face of Hungary, said the Ministerial Commissioner of the Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for the supervision of outstanding national values, at the opening of the exhibition Memories of Hungary No.2., featuring works by students of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The exhibition is hosted by the Hungarian Agricultural Museum and Library. A company has launched a product design competition for graphic design students in two categories: the world of the outlaw and the puli, which will use the young designers' work to update the range of products offered to tourists visiting Hungary. The exhibition features the entries judged by the jury to be the most successful.  In his speech, Zsolt V. Németh said that this youthful approach is necessary to ensure that the memories we bring back from Hungary are of quality. The works on display in the exhibition link the past with the present, the folk with the modern. The Commissioner stressed that the memorabilia evoke the country's characteristics, character and atmosphere.

The 13th National Folk Crafts Art Exhibition also presents Hungarian culture and traditions, with Zsolt V. Németh presenting the FolkTREND! award at the opening ceremony at the Hungarian Folk Arts and Crafts Museum. The award was given to Csilla Székely, a folk craftsman. At the event, the Ministerial Commissioner recalled that the FolkTREND! programme, launched several years ago, aims to encourage the production not only of ornamental objects but also of tools, clothes, food and music that can be integrated into modern life. Zsolt V. Németh added that the House of Traditions has launched this competition in the same spirit, as the heritage that can be explored and used is vast and can be reimagined in infinite ways.

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