Committees for Local and Regional Collections of Values

Municipalities can set up local collection of values and they can establish a Committee for Local Collection of Values, which shall organize the identification of the national values located in the municipal area, establish the collection containing the data of national values available in the municipal area and shall forward them to the Local Collection of Values.

For the purpose of identification of municipal values, establishment and maintenance of the Local Collection of Values and forwarding of data to the County Collection of Values, Municipalities can appoint an institute, an organization, or an organizational unit run by a state, municipal, church or social organ operating in the municipal area and previously involved in the identification and management of national values, or any third-party area development or rural development organization active in municipal development.
The local governments of several neighboring settlements located in the same county can also establish a Committee for Regional Collection of Values, which shall compile the Regional Collection of Values and shall forward its data to the County Collection of Values.
At present, there are 800 Local and 8 Regional Collections of Values in Hungary.

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