Hungarian Folk Tales cartoon series

Short description:

The first series of Hungarian Folk Tales (Magyar népmesék) was launched in 1977 and the series was finished with 100 episodes altogether. The peculiarity and success of the stories, which lasted many decades, stem from the vulpine fables, which were put in a genuine and witty visual world. The visual solutions and characteristic figure portrayals of the stories were taken from the folk art of different Hungarian regions.

Ferenc Mikulás gave the original idea, and she was also the producer of the majority of episodes at Pannónia Film Studio in Kecskemét. The stories were directed by Marcell Jankovics who also made several screenplays and cooperated as a designer and expert in the production of the cartoons. They used Hungarian motifs to adorn the frame of the intros and the intro song was composed by one of the best-known Hungarian folk bands, Kaláka. The creators used original folk art collections as sources with the aid of the Ethnographical Research Team of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The Hungarian Folk Tales were on the television all over the world,  even in India, the Philippines and the USA. The folk tales are accessible from anywhere at any time in English and also in Hungarian via Internet with more than 100 million views. 


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