The Hungarian hussar

Short description:

The expression means to us, Hungarians a national emblem representing the rebirth of the ancient Hungarian horseman in the era of firearms. A Hungarian hussar is a member of the light cavalry who, in the past half millennium, demonstrated prowess in the wars with the Turkish to defend his hearth and home, or to assert his national rights in the wars of independence against the Habsburg, or to fight in dynasty wars waged by his ruler. A Hungarian hussar is a cavalryman who wears a busby with a bag or a plume, richly braided dolman jacket and tight trousers, colourful braided belt, short boots with spur and a richly braided pelisse slung over his left shoulder. He also wears a sabre and a sabretache on a shoulder belt and has a carbine on the saddlebow and a pair of pistols at hand.

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